Heart of The Horse Seminars

With horses and people, I recently started leading seminars (1) (2) that are not about riding, or any kind of utilitarian objectives pertaining to the horse. Continue reading

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Teveton Center Seminar

I recently led a “Heart of the Horse” seminar with people and horses, at the Teveton Center, in Byron Bay, Australia.

Many thanks to the wonderful Kerry Johnston, the happy owner of the Center, for hosting the seminar, as well as actively participating in it. Amanda Savill organized the event and its 12 participants, in exemplary fashion. Continue reading

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Photos from Recent Saudi Arabia Trip

Please enjoy this photo essay of a recent consultation visit to Saudi Arabia by myself and Charmian Wright DVM (Utah). The following photos just give a flavor of the trip, to which there was so much richness and learning, and new friendships made, and more to come. Much thanks to those who made this trip possible! “al-Hamdu lillah!” Click on the photos to enlarge, then scroll left to right…    s.c. Continue reading

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A Camel’s World

A white, baby, camel looks out into the world. Beneath the water, he sees he is already free.


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Invitation to Ringling Circus Camels

With recent news of the immanent closure of the famed Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus, the Sacred Camel Gardens has extended a formal invitation to the circus informing them that we would like to adopt their six Bactrian camels.



Our initial letter is included below: Continue reading

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Quandary of the Camel

11037487_858874084181323_4715405701076919193_oIs the Sacred Camel Gardens really such a special place?

To simply say it is, is too easy.

And if it is, what makes it so?

Continue reading

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Thank you, Sambea Farm, Nova Scotia!

6645335Thank you Nathalie, and Julie, for hosting me for the two ‘ground-work’ seminars I taught there recently (Nov 5 and 6, and the evening of Nov 8).

I had a wonderful time. You have an amazing place. Wishing all of you there (horses and people) the very best! … see Sambea Farm. Continue reading

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In Praise of Aria and Teresa

barakaAmong the massive fires that burned through California’s Lake County in 2015, the “Valley Fire” scorched the Sacred Camel Gardens, with awesome force! Continue reading

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A Brief Life Story of Barack O’Mama

061215_GoogleThe morning was early, and slightly misty. I found Google Mama wandering in a secluded manzanita grove. She was moaning quietly, very focussed, laying down, standing up, pacing. The calf we’d been waiting for, her fourth, was nearly here.

With one important chore still to do, I looked her in the eyes, and whispered, “I’ll be right back, Google. If you want me sooner, just let me know. I’ll come!” Continue reading

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New Video

DSC_88021World Camel Day – June 22. This annual day of recognition, internationally showcases the camel as a beast of burden – a source of meat, milk, wool and other necessities.

The Sacred Camel Gardens joins this celebration, representing camels’ full sentience, intrinsic worthiness, intelligence, and beauty. The video below (both on YouTube and Vimeo – if YouTube is blocked) celebrates the true, sacred, nature of camels, horses, goats, fish, deer, turkeys, dogs, mountains, clouds, trees, and humans… Continue reading

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Like No Other

1978807_683277355074331_6107520404781294497_nThe Sacred Camel Gardens is like no other place on Earth.

Nowhere else are camels so fully regarded and respected, simply for who they are.

We don’t consider them lesser, or greater, than we are. Looking into the eyes of anyone, it’s clear that, at heart, we’re all the same. Continue reading

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Thanks, Nancy !

img-thingSeveral weeks after the great Valley Fire in 2015, concerned friend of the Camel Gardens, Nancy Langdon, visited with her husband. She simply wanted to connect with what had happened. While here, Nancy quietly built a little flower garden in the wreckage and ash left by the raging fire. Continue reading

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